iPhone Camera Tricks

The Best iPhone Camera Tricks for Capturing Life’s Moments

Your iPhone camera is always with you, ready to capture life’s fleeting moments as they happen. But to really make the most of your iPhone photography, you need to learn some camera tricks and techniques. Here are some of the best ways to use your iPhone camera to capture life’s special moments as they unfold. Get Offer Now!

Use Burst Mode

Burst mode takes a rapid-fire series of photos in quick succession, allowing you to capture fast-moving action or moments as they happen. To use burst mode on your iPhone, simply press and hold the shutter button. Your iPhone will take between 3 and 10 photos per second until you lift your finger. This is perfect for capturing kids in motion or fleeting expressions. (iPhone camera).

Frame Your Shots Wide

When capturing moments, think about framing your shots fairly wide to include as much of the scene, environment and context as possible. This will make your photos more immersive and help tell the story of the moment. You can always zoom in later on your computer, but you can’t get more context once you’ve taken the photo. So frame wide whenever possible.

Shoot in Landscape Orientation

Most of the time, you’ll want to shoot in landscape orientation when capturing moments. This matches the natural human field of vision and gives you a wider view of the scene. Switch your iPhone to landscape mode by turning it on its side before framing your shot. Landscape photos tend to look more balanced and pleasing. (iPhone camera)

Get Down to Their Level

When photographing kids, pets and shorter subjects, get down on their level by kneeling or lying on the ground. Shooting from their eye level helps capture their true expressions, emotions and perspective. It also makes for more intimate and compelling photos that really capture the moment.

Use Live Photos for Motion

As mentioned earlier, Live Photos capture 1.5 seconds of motion before and after your photo, which allows you to capture the moment right as it happens. When reviewing Live Photos in the Photos app, you can see the moment unfold and really relive the memory. Live Photos are perfect for capturing kids playing, pets in motion and any fleeting moment.

Turn On HDR

When the lighting conditions are less than ideal, turn on HDR mode to capture photos with an improved dynamic range. HDR composites multiple exposures into one photo with balanced shadows and highlights. This helps ensure you get a good photo even when the lighting isn’t perfect. HDR is great for capturing moments indoors or in tricky lighting.

Focus on the Eyes

When photographing people, always focus on their eyes. The eyes are the windows to the soul and where we see emotions. Make sure to reframe or tap to focus on your subject’s eyes to capture the most genuine expression and really see into that moment. The eyes are often the most important part of a photo of a person.

Use a Lower Aperture

On newer iPhones, you can adjust the aperture to control depth of field. A lower aperture number like ƒ/1.8 will give you a shallower depth of field and a blurrier background, drawing more attention to your subject. A lower aperture can help isolate fleeting moments and expressions by separating your subject from the background.


By learning these iPhone camera tricks, you’ll be able to capture life’s fleeting moments as they happen using the camera you always have with you. Focus on framing wide to capture context, use burst mode for action, focus on the eyes, and adjust your settings for optimal photos. With a little practice, your iPhone photos will soon perfectly capture life’s most meaningful moments as they unfold all around you each and every day.

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